How Christopher T. Twinkles Came To Be

Somewhere in the cosmos, a new life miracle is formed every day, even on an unloading dock on the planet Zora. An ion cloud mishap coupled with a dock accident devastates a timid Zoratron, who feels responsible for the shipment. In response, she hugs a fallen teddy bear destined for a ceremony on her planet. Thus begins an adventure that includes a trial on Earth, a radical faction who vows to destroy the bear and its friends, and a third faction who plans to steal Teddy for its presumed advanced technology. A skirmish on Earth, and three battles in space later, the teddy and his family continue a mission to promote peace to all the known worlds as a rallying point for the power of unconditional love. Christopher T. Twinkles will entertain as it inspires, strengthens, and reinforces this concept.

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Welcome to Davinna K's Website

Davinna K. is a new writer with a fresh outlook on science-fiction, fantasy, and other-world lifeforms. Raised in the ‘big sky’ State of Montana, she knows about long distances between destinations. Davinna K. now resides in Texas.

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Happy Clients Say !

The Book of Moncoto is an engaging tale, nicely told, filled with rich characters sure to delight the young reader. Our protagonist learns essential life-lessons when undertaking a long journey to undo the damage caused by her selfishness. Dawn’s experiences show her how actions affect those around us in both bad and good ways. How connected we are to others, and how working as a group brings more tools and different talents to solve problems. Ultimately Dawn comes to appreciate the mystery of sacrifice, giving up her dream to return to her home of origin to bring life back to her new village home. These are lessons sorely needed today. I recommend The Book of Moncoto to everyone who loves fantasy or just a good story.

Gale Koch

A wonderful masterpiece from beginning to end! The illustrations are absolutely eye catching. Geniuses at work here. Everyone should have the pleasure of experiencing such greatness and talent. Read this one, you won’t be disappointed.


I love the way the story unfolds and how it is Dawn telling that story. As I read the pages I felt as if I was experiencing it with Dawn. I could hear someone her age saying how they wanted the designer jeans like their friends have & complaining when they got a learning game not a fun game like the kids play. I think this is a great read for pre-teens, but not only pre-teens any age will enjoy the book. If someone enjoys reading they will thoroughly enjoy this read. This would make a great gift for birthdays or Christmas. I highly recommend it.


I just loved the journey that I was taken on while ready this book, the illustration were wonderful and breathtaking.

Karen Douglas

Love the story. Very imaginative and exciting. I would recommend this to anyone as a good fast read that is interesting and well written.

B. Good

This is a wonderful book. My wife and I had trouble conceiving, and this book was the perfect gift for her when our own little one was born. It made my wife very happy.
The book also comes in a second edition hard back, which I found at the publishers website.
The second edition has twice the pages, pictures and more text, I believe.
I suggest that any guy should buy one for his wife.

Mr. G