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How Christopher T. Twinkles Came To Be

Somewhere in the cosmos, a new life miracle is formed every day, even on an unloading dock on the planet Zora. An ion cloud mishap coupled with a dock accident devastates a timid Zoratron, who feels responsible for the shipment. In response, she hugs a fallen teddy bear destined for a ceremony on her planet. Thus begins an adventure that includes a trial on Earth, a radical faction who vows to destroy the bear and its friends, and a third faction who plans to steal Teddy for its presumed advanced technology. A skirmish on Earth, and three battles in space later, the teddy and his family continue a mission to promote peace to all the known worlds as a rallying point for the power of unconditional love. Christopher T. Twinkles will entertain as it inspires, strengthens, and reinforces this concept.

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The Book Of Moncoto

Twelve-year-old Dawn Marie Baxter, a spoiled but generous rich kid, is killed in a boating accident with her grandmother. Or, is she? The Book of Moncoto is the story of her continued existence in a magical land. Everyone in the village is happy with their new lives. Nana, her grandmother, trusts in the magic. Dawn, however, refuses to believe the magic that sustains their existence is anything but advanced technology and is determined to find a way to thwart it.Dawn’s plan to locate a special stream, she’s convinced is a portal, and return her grandmother and herself to their former life ends in catastrophe for her Nana and the village of Laven-Moors. Now, she has to save her grandmother, the village, and attempt to win back her life through a quest that may be doomed to failure.

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The Magic Of Laven-Rock

Eleven- year- old PRINCESS KAYLIN VICTORIA lives in a world that exists through the benefit of magic. The realm in which her kingdom exists is only one of the many lands that are touched by the rainbow. The rainbow magic of the JOCKSPURS offers unique vibrations that protect and sustains these worlds. With the help of her cousin, PRINCE THEODORE, Princess Kaylin Victoria escapes from the castle and the confines of her royal life and goes searching for the invader and a way to remedy the problem. Contrary to the desire of twelve-year-old Prince Theodore who is planning for war, Kaylin musters her courage, avoids an epic battle, and works to mediate with all parties. After much planning and with some help from her magical friends, Princess Kaylin Victoria turns this destructive enemy into an ally. She even manages to lead her cousin to try peace as an alternative.

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The Wishing Flower

In a magical kingdom of peace and joy, in a place where the people have so much, one sadness remains. Developed as BabyÕs first fairy tale “The Wishing Flower” tells the story of a desire for a most precious gift. It’s going to take a miracle to return the kingdom to its perfect happinessÉ A miracle, that can only become possible through a gentle nature, a kind heart, and a little magic. Loved by parents and children alike, “The Wishing Flower” is the perfect bedtime story for both new and not-so-new parent. “The Wishing Flower” is a wonderful way to teach each child just how special he or she is.

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